Why does my WCF service give the message ‘does not have a Binding with the None MessageVersion’?

This is simply happening because you have configured a single endpointBehavior for both the SOAP and REST endpoints but the SOAP endpoint can’t have the webHttp behavior. You need to split these apart so that they are:

    <behavior name="SOAPDemoEndpointBehavior">
    <behavior name="RESTDemoEndpointBehavior">
      <webHttp />

and then your endpoints should be:

    <endpoint address="rest" binding="webHttpBinding" contract="VLSCore2.Interfaces.IHmlApi" behaviorConfiguration="RESTDemoEndpointBehavior" />
    <endpoint address="soap" binding="basicHttpBinding" contract="VLSCore2.Interfaces.IHmlApi" behaviorConfiguration="SOAPDemoEndpointBehavior" />

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