Use Dijkstra’s to find a Minimum Spanning Tree?

The answer is no. To see why, let’s first articulate the question like so: Q: For a connected, undirected, weighted graph G = (V, E, w) with only nonnegative edge weights, does the predecessor subgraph produced by Dijkstra’s Algorithm form a minimum spanning tree of G? (Note that undirected graphs are a special class of … Read more

Programming Concepts That Were “Automated” By Modern Languages [closed]

Optimizations. For the longest time, it was necessary to do this by hand. Now most compilers can do it infinitely better than any human ever could. Note: This is not to say that hand-optimizations aren’t still done, as pointed out in the comments. I’m merely saying that a number of optimizations that used to be … Read more

Dependency Injection best practices and anti-patterns

I really enjoyed this article regarding DI, as it’s targeted towards people who don’t have a ton of DI experience, or don’t even know what it is. What’s Unity? It’s a “dependency injection container”. Now, at that point a bunch of folks reading this will say “Yes, we know and we’re already using it … Read more

What ever happened to Aspect Oriented Programming? [closed]

There has maybe been a lot of hype in the early 2000’s, and what happened is the following: there has been a lot of attempts to create aspect-oriented frameworks, and these attempts have merged into two significant projects in the Java sphere: AspectJ and Spring AOP. AspectJ is complete, complex, academic, somewhat overengineered. Spring AOP … Read more