Getting “Not allowed to load local resource” error while trying to attach a MediaSource object as the source of a HTML5 video tag

As @dandavis has said, “run it from http: not file”. I’m posting this as an answer for the sake of organization. For starters: Running you project from http means having a http server (such as apache or a simple node http-server) and running your project via http://localhost.

HTML5 video error handling

“onerror” is not a valid event type for <video> Use “error” instead. document.getElementsByTagName(‘video’)[0].addEventListener(‘error’, function(event) { … }, true); For a complete list of events for <video> go here:

navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia is not working and neither does webkitGetUserMedia

As per new chrome update (From Google Chrome 47), getUserMedia() is no longer supported in chrome browser over http:// (Unsecure Origin) , It will work on https:// (Secure Origin) For development purpose, 1.localhost is treated as a secure origin over HTTP, so if you’re able to run your server from localhost, you should be able … Read more

Is there a way to use DRM on HTML5 video?

On the W3C FAQ on HTML5 it states: Is there support for digital rights management (DRM) in HTML5 video? HTML5 doesn’t provide direct support, nor any barrier, to using DRM in video. It currently expects this to be handled by the particular codec/implementation. There are implementations which allow for DRM in HTML5 video. Is dealing … Read more

Vimeo Video Player in HTML5

This Vimeo doc might help. This is working for us: You need a Vimeo Pro account. Get the video link from the Distribution tab when looking at the video settings in Vimeo: Add the video link to your HTML5 video tag: <video width=”320″ height=”240″ controls> <source type=”video/mp4″ src=”*.hd.mp4?s=*&profile_id=*”> </video>