What are the advantages/disadvantages of Canvas vs. DOM in JavaScript game development? [closed]

canvas pros : could manipulate pixel and apply filter effect, so easy for image processing; very efficient for small size but hundreds of elements in the game many libraries for game could be found using canvas, such as box2dweb, and could make awesome games such as angry bird cons: it’s stateless, so you have to … Read more

Getting the height of an element before added to the DOM

Elements don’t have a height, in any real sense, until they’ve been added to the DOM, as their styles cannot be evaluated until then. You can get around this easily enough using visibility: hidden so that the element can be added to the DOM (and its height determined) without causing visible flickering. function test(a) { … Read more

Browser detection versus feature detection

It seems to me browser detection has been widely frowned upon since this post by Resig a couple of years ago. Resig’s comments however were specific to libraries/framework code, i.e. code that will be consumed by other [domain-specific] applications/sites. I think feature detection is without question a good fit for libraries/frameworks. For domain-specific applications however … Read more

How to remove standalone attribute declaration in xml document?

From what I’ve read you can do this by calling the below method on Document before creating the DOMSource: doc.setXmlStandalone(true); //before creating the DOMSource If you set it false you cannot control it to appear or not. So setXmlStandalone(true) on Document. In transformer if you want an output use OutputKeys with whatever “yes” or “no” … Read more

Why does getElementById not work on elements inside the document element? [duplicate]

Container IDs should be unique, so there’s no reason to find an object by ID within another container. This is why you only need document.getElementById to access any element by its ID, whereas when you are searching by class or tag name, you might want to only search within a specific container, which is why … Read more

Angular 2 radio button events

It works, <input type=”radio” (change)=”handleChange($event)” /> But you need code more to judge ‘selected’ or ‘unselected’. You may try this in your *.ts file: export class Comp { private _prevSelected: any; handleChange(evt) { var target = evt.target; if (target.checked) { doSelected(target); this._prevSelected = target; } else { doUnSelected(this._prevSelected) } } }

Angular 2 @ViewChild returns undefined

Try using a ref in your template instead: <div id=’gallery-container’ #galleryContainer class=”gallery-image-container”> <div class=”gallery-padding”></div> <img class=”gallery-image” src=”https://stackoverflow.com/questions/39256703/{{ coverPhotoVm }}” /> <img class=”gallery-image” src=”{{ imagepath }}” *ngFor=”let imagepath of imagesVm” /> </div> And use the ref name as the argument: @ViewChild(‘galleryContainer’) galleryContainer: ElementRef; EDIT Forgot to mention that any view child thus declared is only available … Read more