Space between two rows in a table?

You need to use padding on your td elements. Something like this should do the trick. You can, of course, get the same result using a top padding instead of a bottom padding.

In the CSS code below, the greater-than sign means that the padding is only applied to td elements that are direct children to tr elements with the class spaceUnder. This will make it possible to use nested tables. (Cell C and D in the example code.) I’m not too sure about browser support for the direct child selector (think IE 6), but it shouldn’t break the code in any modern browsers.

/* Apply padding to td elements that are direct children of the tr elements with class spaceUnder. */

tr.spaceUnder>td {
  padding-bottom: 1em;
    <tr class="spaceUnder">

This should render somewhat like this:

| A | B |
| C | D |
|   |   |
| E | F |

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