sklearn : TFIDF Transformer : How to get tf-idf values of given words in document

You can use TfidfVectorizer from sklean

from sklearn.feature_extraction.text import TfidfVectorizer
import numpy as np
from scipy.sparse.csr import csr_matrix #need this if you want to save tfidf_matrix

tf = TfidfVectorizer(input="filename", analyzer="word", ngram_range=(1,6),
                     min_df = 0, stop_words="english", sublinear_tf=True)
tfidf_matrix =  tf.fit_transform(corpus)

The above tfidf_matix has the TF-IDF values of all the documents in the corpus. This is a big sparse matrix. Now,

feature_names = tf.get_feature_names()

this gives you the list of all the tokens or n-grams or words.
For the first document in your corpus,

doc = 0
feature_index = tfidf_matrix[doc,:].nonzero()[1]
tfidf_scores = zip(feature_index, [tfidf_matrix[doc, x] for x in feature_index])

Lets print them,

for w, s in [(feature_names[i], s) for (i, s) in tfidf_scores]:
  print w, s

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