Replace new line/return with space using regex

\s is a shortcut for whitespace characters in regex. It has no meaning in a string. ==> You can’t use it in your replacement string. There you need to put exactly the character(s) that you want to insert. If this is a space just use " " as replacement.

The other thing is: Why do you use 3 backslashes as escape sequence? Two are enough in Java. And you don’t need a | (alternation operator) in a character class.

L.replaceAll("[\\t\\n\\r]+"," ");


L is not changed. If you want to have a result you need to do

String result =     L.replaceAll("[\\t\\n\\r]+"," ");

Test code:

String in = "This is my text.\n\nAnd here is a new line";

String out = in.replaceAll("[\\t\\n\\r]+"," ");

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