Recommendations on parsing .eml files in C#

Added August 2017: Check out MimeKit: It supports .NET Standard, so will run cross-platform.

Original answer: I posted a sample project to illustrate this answer to Github

The CDO COM DLL is part of Windows/IIS and can be referenced in .net. It will provide accurate parsing and a nice object model. Use it in conjuction with a reference to ADODB.DLL.

public CDO.Message LoadEmlFromFile(String emlFileName)
    CDO.Message msg = new CDO.MessageClass();
    ADODB.Stream stream = new ADODB.StreamClass();

    stream.Open(Type.Missing, ADODB.ConnectModeEnum.adModeUnknown, ADODB.StreamOpenOptionsEnum.adOpenStreamUnspecified, String.Empty, String.Empty);
    msg.DataSource.OpenObject(stream, "_Stream");

    return msg;

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