Localizing enum descriptions attributes

This is what I ended up going with, I didn’t see the value in adding a custom attribute class to hold a resource key and then looking up into the resource files – why not just use the enums typename + value as a resource key?

using System;
using System.Resources;
using System.Reflection;

public class MyClass
  enum SomeEnum {Small,Large};

  private ResourceManager _resources = new ResourceManager("MyClass.myResources",

  public string EnumDescription(Enum enumerator)
    string rk = String.Format("{0}.{1}",enumerator.GetType(),enumerator);
    string localizedDescription = _resources.GetString(rk);

    if (localizedDescription == null)
       // A localized string was not found so you can either just return
       // the enums value - most likely readable and a good fallback.
       return enumerator.ToString();

       // Or you can return the full resourceKey which will be helpful when
       // editing the resource files(e.g. MyClass+SomeEnum.Small) 
       // return resourceKey;
       return localizedDescription;

  void SomeRoutine()
    // Looks in resource file for a string matching the key
    // "MyClass+SomeEnum.Large"
    string s1 = EnumDescription(SomeEnum.Large);       

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