How to use MallocStackLogging on the device?

Here is how I debug APP with malloc stack history on idevice, it’s really complicate, but I have no other way to deal with an auto release pool memory problem.

  1. You need A jailbreak idevice with developer tools installed, then you have gdb.

  2. To enable malloc stack loggin, you need set environment variables MallocStackLoggingNoCompact and MallocStackLogging, we need some trick to do it.

First, we need grant your app root privilege.

 mv -f /User/Application/xxxxxxxxxxxxx/ /Application/
 cd /Application
 chown -R root:wheel
 chmod 4755

Rename your program


Use a short shell scrip to start your program, so we can keep the env. Save it to

export MallocStackLogging=1
export MallocStackLoggingNoCompact=1

exec /Applications/


Just start you app, touching on the icon or use open command, you’ll see a stack log file in /tmp

Use ps aux | grep YOUR_APP find process id, gdb -p PROCESS_ID attach to the progress, make a breakpoint, try info malloc ADDRESS, malloc history will show up.

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