How to get the current pathname in the app directory of Next.js 13?

When using the app router (directory), the pathname has its hook called usePathname. Here is a quote from the doc:

The usePathname hook allows you to read the current URL pathname from a Client Component.

Find below an example, and notice the 'use client' at the top:

'use client';

import { usePathname } from 'next/navigation';

export default function Page() {
  const pathname = usePathname();
  return <div>{pathname}</div>;

As of now, the doc doesn’t mention a way to get the pathname server side. However, you could use the technique inspired by this GitHub comment, combining Next.js middleware and request headers:

// middleware.js

import { NextResponse } from "next/server";

export function middleware(request) {
  const requestHeaders = new Headers(request.headers);
  requestHeaders.set("x-pathname", request.nextUrl.pathname);

    request: {
      headers: requestHeaders,
// app/page.js

import { headers } from "next/headers";

export default async function Page() {
  const headersList = headers();

  return <div>{headersList.get("x-pathname")}</div>;

And if you are using Dynamic Routes (aka the [id] folders), and you want to know the value of the slug, check out this thread.

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