How to create Table using Apache PDFBox

Since I also needed table drawing functionality for a side project, I implemented a small “table drawer” library myself, which I uploaded to github.

In order to produce such a table – for instance – …
enter image description here

… you would need this code.
In the same file you find the code for that table as well:

enter image description here

The current “feature list” includes:

  • set font and font size on table level as well as on cell level
  • define single cells with bottom-, top-, left- and right-border width separately
  • define the background color on row or cell level
  • define padding (top, bottom, left, right) on cell level
  • define border color (on table, row or cell level)
  • specify text alignment (vertical and horizontal)
  • cell spanning and row spanning
  • text wrapping and line spacing

Also it should not be too hard to add missing stuff like having different border colors for borders on top, bottom, left and right-borders, if needed.

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