How do I use fontello fonts?

Inside the bundle, there is “font” folder and a “css” folder.

  1. Move the font folder into your project. Your project might look something like this:

    -- /stylesheets
    -- /images
    -- /javascripts
    -- /font 
  2. Include the Fontello css. Inside the “css” folder in the bundle, you’ll see:


    For most cases, you will only need [yourfontname].css. Include that stylesheet in your project.

  3. Inside [yourfontname].css is the @font-face rule that imports the font. Make sure the paths to the fonts are pointing to the right place. By default, they will look in ../font/.

  4. To use your icons, add class="icon-ICON_NAME" to an element that you want to have an icon. You can see the list of icon names at the bottom of [yourfontname].css.

  5. Optional: Fontello puts a margin-right: .2em on the icon because it expects you to use the icon with text, but sometimes you might want a standalone icon. I like to use <i> tags for standalone icons, so I add the following rule to the bottom of the fontello css:

    i[class^="icon-"]:before, i[class*=" icon-"]:before {
      margin: 0;

    Now if you put class="icon-ICON_NAME" on an <i> tag, it will not have any unwanted margin.

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