How do I implement threaded comments?

Storing trees in a database is a subject which has many different solutions. It depends on if you want to retrieve a subhierarchy as well (so all children of item X) or if you just want to grab the entire set of hierarchies and build the tree in an O(n) way in memory using a dictionary.

Your table has the advantage that you can fetch all comments on a post in 1 go, by filtering on the parentpost. As you’ve defined the comment’s parent in the textbook/naive way, you have to build the tree in memory (see below). If you want to obtain the tree from the DB, you need a different way to store a tree:
See my description of a pre-calc based approach here:
or by using balanced trees described by CELKO here:

or yet another approach:

If you fetch everything in a hierarchy in memory and build the tree there, it can be more efficient due to the fact that the query is pretty simple: select .. from Comment where ParentPost = @id ORDER BY ParentComment ASC

After that query, you build the tree in memory with just 1 dictionary which keeps track of the tuple CommentID – Comment. You now walk through the resultset and build the tree on the fly: every comment you run into, you can lookup its parentcomment in the dictionary and then store the comment currently processed also in that dictionary.

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