How do I edit all highlighted instances of a word simultaneously?

Currently, the ability to select all similar text and edit (like the Ctrl+D functionality in Sublime, as mentioned by @George) is not built in to Notepad++ version 6.9.2. It does sound like it will work when Notepad++ updates the version of Scintilla it uses as the functionality is built in to the newer version of that.

The only way to accomplish something similar to the multi-line edit you speak of is to either use the replace function or Notepad++’s version of multi-editing.

To Find/Replace

  1. Highlight the word you would like to replace.
  2. Type Ctrl+H to bring up the Replace dialogue.
  3. Modify the “Replace with” text.
  4. Choose either “Replace” or “Replace All”

To Multi-Edit

You first need to enable this feature in Notepad++. Do this by going to SettingsPreferencesEditing and then enable Multi-Line Edit. Now when you hold Ctrl and click around your text, a cursor will be left at the location of each click. When you’re done locating all of the places you’d like to edit, you can start typing. Whatever you type will now appear at each of the locations you left a cursor at.

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