How can I customize the tab-to-space conversion factor in VS Code?

By default, Visual Studio Code will try to guess your indentation options depending on the file you open.

You can turn off indentation guessing via "editor.detectIndentation": false.

You can customize this easily via these three settings for Windows in menu FilePreferencesSettings or Ctrl+, and for Mac in menu CodePreferencesSettings or +,:

// The number of spaces a tab is equal to. This setting is overridden
// based on the file contents when `editor.detectIndentation` is true.
"editor.tabSize": 4,

// Insert spaces when pressing Tab. This setting is overriden
// based on the file contents when `editor.detectIndentation` is true.
"editor.insertSpaces": true,

// When opening a file, `editor.tabSize` and `editor.insertSpaces`
// will be detected based on the file contents. Set to false to keep
// the values you've explicitly set, above.
"editor.detectIndentation": false

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