Get spring application environment in thymeleaf

You can do the following if you only have one profile active at a time.

<div th:if="${@environment.getActiveProfiles()[0] == 'production'}">
  This is the production profile - do whatever you want in here

The code above is based on the fact that the Thymeleaf’s Spring dialect lets you access beans using the @ symbol. And of course the Environment object is always available as a Spring bean.

Also note that Environment has the method getActiveProfiles() which returns an array of Strings (that is why [0] is used in my answer) which we can call using standard Spring EL.

If more than one profiles are active at a time, a more robust solution would be to use Thymeleaf’s #arrays utility object in order to check for the presence of the string production in the active profiles. The code in that case would be:

<div th:if="${#arrays.contains(@environment.getActiveProfiles(),'production')}">
     This is the production profile

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