Configuration dependent value in Info.plist file

Changing display name of app for respective configurations:
one way to achieve this is by using the same info plist file that you have.

Part 1: create a user defined variable

  1. Click on target project file.
  2. Then at bottom right corner locate button “+” Add Build Setting.
  3. Click that button “Add Build Setting” and select “Add User-Defined
    Setting” enter name for New Setting as for ex: “BUNDLE_DISPLAY_NAME”.
  4. Expand this new setting to see the configurations under it. Give the desired name to be displayed for each configuration.
    For ex: Debug -> MyAppDebug

Part 2: use it

  1. Select your appname-info.plist file.
  2. Locate key “Bundle Display Name” and value to it should be this new user defined variable ${BUNDLE_DISPLAY_NAME}

Then for appropriate configuration it will select name from BUNDLE_DISPLAY_NAME variable in build settings.

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