Code formatting shortcuts in Android Studio for Operation Systems

Windows: Ctrl + Alt + L

Linux: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + L

macOS: Option + Command + L

Reference: Key Commands and here are all of the commands for Windows/ Linux users and for Mac users.

As Rohit faced a problem in Ubuntu with the format code shortcut, this is due to the Ctrl + Alt + L key being used to lock the screen in Ubuntu.

I found that Ubuntu handles this keyboard shortcut first. So you should bind the Ctrl + Alt + L keyboard shortcut to something else so that it doesn’t conflict with Ubuntu.


  1. Go to System ToolsSystem SettingsKeyboardShortcuts tab → SystemLock Screen.

  2. Select the row New Accelerator…, then press any special key with the Alpha key (e.g. Shift + L). You should’ve successfully changed the keyboard shortcut.

  3. Check if the keyboard shortcut now works in Android Studio.

Alternative method

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + L (to show a dialog)

You can also use Eclipse shortcuts.

  • Windows and Linux: Go to menu FileSettingsKeymap
  • macOS: Go to menu PreferencesKeymap and choose Eclipse from the drop-down menu.

Using MenuBar

  • Select code which you want to reformat

  • Click on Code in the menu bar and select Reformat Code as shown in the image below:

    Enter image description here

In Android studio 3.5, there is problem with rearranging the xml code, it also rearrange the views as well, so need to use these settings first.

Settings -> Editor -> Code Style -> XML-> Set From -> Predefined Style > Android.

Update for Android Studio 4+

Since Android Studio 4+, you might face issue shortcuts on mac. Shortcuts not working after updating to Android studio 4, in Mac? have an answer for that.

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