Difference between ‘Directory’ and ‘Python Package’ in PyCharm

When to use Directory over Python Package? You can use “Python Package” when you want to put some modules in there which should be importable. PyCharm will automatically create an __init__.py for the directory. Why not create everything as a Python Package? Not every subdirectory in a project should necessarily be a package. For example … Read more

How to use “Next/Previous” suggestion shortcuts for Github Copilot on a Mac?

I thought I had this problem. It turned out that the current version of copilot simply only had one suggestion in a lot of cases. You can see if copilot has alternate suggestions by hovering your mouse over the suggestion. For me, in the cases where the keyboard shortcuts ‘didn’t work’, there simply were no … Read more

How can I run a shell script instead of python in a PyCharm run configuration?

If you want to see such a feature in PyCharm please vote on IDEA-112256 ‘Command Line’ Run Configuration feature request. Run/Debug Configurations section of Pycharm’s online help lists all supported types of Run/Debug configurations and there’s no support for shell scripts indeed. However, you might be able to add such support by installing a plugin. … Read more