Can’t find a modern Implementation of Object Pool in Java [closed]

I can see the apache commons one, but to be honest, I’d rather one that uses generics, and the concurrency stuff from more recent versions of java.

Well, the fact is that this kind of projects (generic object pools) don’t get much traction because there is little need for them nowadays (object creation is cheap). This probably explains why you don’t see much of them (and actually, I’m only aware of Commons Pool).

That being said, if generics is your primary concern, you could patch Commons Pool, see POOL-83, it has a patch attached.

Does the commons pool really work well? The code looks pretty, erm, ugly.

It does have a few known bugs (four) but, to my knowledge, it works. And regarding the last sentence, well, if you think you can write something better, and if you have the time for that, why not just doing it?

I’d need something that allows custom liveness validation etc etc.

You don’t have an infinite number of options. Either

  1. Find something that does everything you need (I don’t know such a library, which doesn’t mean there isn’t any).
  2. If you can’t find something that does everything you need out of the box, then extend an existing solution.
  3. Roll your own solution.

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