C# string replace does not work as it doesn’t replace the value [duplicate]

The problem is that strings are immutable. The methods replace, substring, etc. do not change the string itself. They create a new string and replace it. So for the above code to be correct, it should be

path1 = path.Replace("\\bin\\Debug", "\\Resource\\People\\VisitingFaculty.txt");

Or just

path = path.Replace("\\bin\\Debug", "\\Resource\\People\\VisitingFaculty.txt");

if another variable is not needed.

This answer is also a reminder that strings are immutable. Any change you make to them will in fact create a new string. So keep that in mind with everything that involves strings, including memory management.
As stated in the documentation here.

String objects are immutable: they cannot be changed after they have
been created. All of the String methods and C# operators that appear
to modify a string actually return the results in a new string object.

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