Bootstrap 3 btn-group lose active class when click anywhere on the page

So, (as mentioned in the comments) that gray fill you see isn’t actually an active class being applied – it’s the focus selection behaviour of that particular Bootstrap button element. (Like the dotted outline of a hyperlink.) Try pressing Tab after clicking a button, and you should see the focus selection change.

One way to get the behaviour you want is to apply the active class yourself, and have a bit of jQuery to swap the active class when clicking a button in the group. Here’s what the snippet might look like:

$(".btn-group > .btn").click(function(){

The code above removes the active class from all .btn elements in the .btn-group, then applies the active class to the one that was just clicked.

Here’s a JSFiddle demo to show you what this achieves (note that I coded the first button to have the active class in the HTML to start with). If this isn’t what you were looking for, let me know and I’ll be happy to help further. Good luck!

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