Android Architecture Components: Using Enums

I can use enum values at Room with TypeConverters. There are some parts to change at your code:

1) You must declare your Entity’s fields public or they must have public getters/setters. Or you’ll get below error:

yourField is not public in YourEntity; cannot be accessed from
outside package

2) You don’t need the @Embedded annotation for your status field. It is for nested objects. More from docs.

3) You didn’t use the @TypeConverters annotation at the correct place. In your case it can be set above the status field. More from docs.

4) You must define a constructor for your Entity or you’ll get below error:

Entities and Pojos must have a usable public constructor. You can have an empty constructor or a constructor whose parameters match the fields (by name and type).

You can define an empty constructor to skip this error.

5) Use int instead of Integer in your TypeConverter.

Sum; below works as expected:

@Entity(tableName = "tasks")
public class Task extends SyncEntity {

    @PrimaryKey(autoGenerate = true)
    public String taskId;

    public String title;

    /** Status of the given task.
     * Enumerated Values: 0 (Active), 1 (Inactive), 2 (Completed)
    public Status status;

    public Date startDate;

    // empty constructor 
    public Task() {

    public enum Status {

        private int code;

        Status(int code) {
            this.code = code;

        public int getCode() {
            return code;

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