A BitTorrent client completely written in C#? [closed]

Unfortunately i don’t have 50 reputation to add comments, so I have to write another answer. My question was directed at this comment:

“but honeslty I feel it’s still got a long way to go to be on par with other opensource bit torrent clients.”

What features do you feel are missing that makes it inferior to other libraries/clients? An incomplete list of features includes:

  1. 100% platform independent
  2. IPV6 support
  3. Super-seeding
  4. A full bittorrent tracker
  5. DHT
  6. Peer exchange (utorrent style)
  7. Encryption
  8. Memory cache
  9. Prioritised downloading
  10. Selective downloading (technically this is just a subset of Prioritised downloading)
  11. Fast Peer extensions
  12. Local peer discovery,
  13. Ban lists (whitelisting/blacklisting of IPs at the same time)
  14. Magnet link downloads
  15. Endgame mode
  16. Libtorrent extension protocol
  17. rate limiting (per torrent/global)
  18. Http seeding (webseeding) – getright style
  19. Individual file relocation
  20. What else do you want 😉

So, is it just a case of you not realising the full potential of monotorrent or are there features missing that you consider critical? If so, patches are always welcome.

“”written on mono” is never a bad thing. It just I was looking for something on MS .Net”

I think you misunderstand. MonoTorrent/bitsharp does build and run on MS.NET 😉 All you have to do is check the code out from SVN, open MonoTorrent.sln and hit F5.

Hope that helps.

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