WPF – DataGrid Column with Width=”*”, but MinWidth to Fit Contents

I know its a bit late, but I found your question and programmed a pure-XAML solution.

 <ColumnDefinition Width="42*" MinWidth="{Binding Path=ActualWidth, ElementName=projectInfoHeader }"/> 

Where the ElementName points to the control taking up most of the space. Of course thats only possible to do with elements, that do have a limited width.
If you do it for example for a GroupBox, than you can resize only to larger width and never resize to smaller one.

If you have several candidates for the value of MinWidth, you need to write yourself a IMultiValueConverter, which takes an object[], parses it to floats, and returns the maximum (its just 1 linq query if you use it only yourselves and don’t need to handle bad usage of the converter)

This way also supports dynamic changing of the MinWidth.

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