Why would one use REST instead of SOAP based services? [closed]

Less overhead (no SOAP envelope to wrap every call in)

Less duplication (HTTP already represents operations like DELETE, PUT, GET, etc. that have to otherwise be represented in a SOAP envelope).

More standardized – HTTP operations are well understood and operate consistently. Some SOAP implementations can get finicky.

More human readable and testable (harder to test SOAP with just a browser).

Don’t need to use XML (well you kind of don’t have to for SOAP either but it hardly makes sense since you’re already doing parsing of the envelope).

Libraries have made SOAP (kind of) easy. But you are abstracting away a lot of redundancy underneath as I have noted. yes in theory SOAP can go over other transports so as to avoid riding atop a layer doing similar things, but in reality just about all SOAP work you’ll ever do is over HTTP.

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