Why not use development provisioning instead of ad hoc?

There’s one situation in which you need an Ad Hoc profile, and that’s when you want to test Push Notifications.

If you test Push Notifications on a Development Provisioning Profile, your push notifications need to be sent using the Development Push Notification Certificate for your SSL connections to Apple’s sandbox APNS server.

If you want to test Push Notifications using your Production Push Notification Certificate and the live APNS servers, you’ll have to deploy your app to a device using a Distribution Certificate and Ad Hoc Provisioning Profile (which includes doing the Entitlement.plist steps, which you can ordinarily skip if you were only using Developer Provisioning Profiles).

Also note that when you deploy using an Ad Hoc profile, your device token will be different from the one you use when you’re using the development profile. This the recommended way to test APN because there’s no back end changes that need to be made between the Ad Hoc build and the final live deployment on the AppStore.

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