What’s a good regex to include accented characters in a simple way?

Accented Characters: DIY Character Range Subtraction

If your regex engine allows it (and many will), this will work:


Please see the demo (you can add characters to test).


  • (?i) sets case-insensitive mode
  • The ^ anchor asserts that we are at the beginning of the string
  • (?:(?![×Þß÷þø])[-'0-9a-zÀ-ÿ]) matches one character…
  • The lookahead (?![×Þß÷þø]) asserts that the char is not one of those in the brackets
  • [-'0-9a-zÀ-ÿ] allows dash, apostrophe, digits, letters, and chars in a wide accented range, from which we need to subtract
  • The + matches that one or more times
  • The $ anchor asserts that we are at the end of the string


Extended ASCII Table

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