Upload a file to SharePoint through the built-in web services

Example of using the WSS “Copy” Web service to upload a document to a library…

public static void UploadFile2007(string destinationUrl, byte[] fileData)
    // List of desination Urls, Just one in this example.
    string[] destinationUrls = { Uri.EscapeUriString(destinationUrl) };

    // Empty Field Information. This can be populated but not for this example.
    SharePoint2007CopyService.FieldInformation information = new 
    SharePoint2007CopyService.FieldInformation[] info = { information };

    // To receive the result Xml.
    SharePoint2007CopyService.CopyResult[] result;

    // Create the Copy web service instance configured from the web.config file.
    CopyService2007 = new CopySoapClient("CopySoap");
    CopyService2007.ClientCredentials.Windows.ClientCredential = 
    CopyService2007.ClientCredentials.Windows.AllowedImpersonationLevel = 

    CopyService2007.CopyIntoItems(destinationUrl, destinationUrls, info, fileData, out result);

    if (result[0].ErrorCode != SharePoint2007CopyService.CopyErrorCode.Success)
        // ...

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