curl: Per-file Content-Type for multipart POST (YouTube API)

First, you can specify the content-type for a part you upload by adding “;type=magic/string”. Like for example in your video case: curl -F “[email protected];type=video/mpeg4” [URL] (use –trace or –trace-ascii to verify that curl sends exactly what you want it to) … but this said, I’d guess that it is highly unlikely that the receiving server … Read more

Is there any way to get the live chat replay log/history for YouTube streaming video?

Chat Downloader is a tool I developed to retrieve chat messages from livestreams, videos, clips and past broadcasts. No authentication needed! The recommended way to install is from PyPI using pip: pip install chat-downloader The program can then be accessed from the command line or using the Python module: Command line chat_downloader For advanced … Read more

How to check if YouTube channel is streaming live

You can do this by using search.list and specifying the channel ID, setting the type to video, and setting eventType to live. For example, when I searched for:[API_KEY] I got the following: { “kind”: “youtube#searchListResponse”, “etag”: “\”sGDdEsjSJ_SnACpEvVQ6MtTzkrI/gE5P_aKHWIIc6YSpRcOE57lf9oE\””, “pageInfo”: { “totalResults”: 1, “resultsPerPage”: 5 }, “items”: [ { “kind”: “youtube#searchResult”, “etag”: “\”sGDdEsjSJ_SnACpEvVQ6MtTzkrI/H-6Tm7-JewZC0-CW4ALwOiq9wjs\””, “id”: { “kind”: … Read more