Reverse Iterator for List?

You can now reverse the iteration of a list in Dart. Use the reversed getter on List. var fruits = [‘apples’, ‘oranges’, ‘pears’]; Iterable inReverse = fruits.reversed; var fruitsInReverse = inReverse.toList(); print(fruitsInReverse); // [pears, oranges, apples] You could shorten this to: var fruits = [‘apples’, ‘oranges’, ‘pears’]; print(fruits.reversed.toList()); See the API docs.

How to save and download text file in Flutter web application

This method is based on manipulations with an HTML document. Some additional packages should be imported: import ‘dart:convert’; import ‘dart:html’ as html; // or package:universal_html/prefer_universal/html.dart Code snippet: final text=”this is the text file”; // prepare final bytes = utf8.encode(text); final blob = html.Blob([bytes]); final url = html.Url.createObjectUrlFromBlob(blob); final anchor = html.document.createElement(‘a’) as html.AnchorElement ..href = … Read more

Error: ‘ModalBottomSheetRoute’ is imported from both

The reason behind the error is says both material/bottom_sheet.dart and bottom_sheet_route exports the ModalBottomSheetRoute. ‘ModalBottomSheetRoute’ is imported from both ‘package:flutter/src/material/bottom_sheet.dart’ and ‘package:modal_bottom_sheet/src/bottom_sheet_route.dart’. In order to fix this issue we have to hide one of the ModalBottomSheetRoute. since we need this to be imported from bottom_sheet_route we need to hide it from material This is the … Read more

flutter –flow-control-collections are needed, but are they?

Hey, I had the same issue this morning but found a fix. 1) Keep the analysis_options.yaml in your root folder with this code: analyzer: enable-experiment: – control-flow-collections 2) Don’t use brackets {} in between your for loops Ex: <Widget>[ for (final category in categories) CategoryWidget(category: category) ], 3) Important step which is probably why it’s … Read more