Error : Module ‘”@angular/material”‘ has no exported member “…”

You have probably updated your angular and/or angular material versions; with the angular material 9 upgrade they changed the imports from @angular/material notation to @angular/material/button like notation. Instead of importing from @angular/material, you should import deeply from the specific component. E.g. @angular/material/button. ng update will do this automatically for you. You can follow the upgrade … Read more

How to bind to model with Angular Material ?

MatButtonToggle component doesn’t implement ControlValueAccessor therefore you can’t use ngModel on it. ngDefaultControl was introduced for other purposes. MatButtonToggle is supposed to be a part of mat-button-toggle-group. But if you want to use it as a standalone component and bind model to it here is some example of how you can do it: <mat-button-toggle [checked]=”myFlagForButtonToggle” … Read more

mat-form-field must contain a MatFormFieldControl and already imported

Actually the error doesn’t mean a module import problem, but that you’re using the mat-form-field without a valid control. The problem is here : <mat-form-field> <mat-checkbox formControlName=”active”>Active</mat-checkbox> </mat-form-field> MatChebox isn’t intended to be contained in a mat-form-field but yeah its name is not very clear … Keep just in mind that mat-form-field is the component … Read more

Angular Material VS Materializecss [closed]

Go for Materialize. I don’t know why people downvoted your question. It is a legitimate question. And though Angular Material looks like a more attractive choice as it has the famous word “Angular” in its name. But it is definitely not the right choice. It may have better integration with angular but a good programmer … Read more

Angular Material Side Bar with “Half” side mode

Option 1: Generating Automatically: You can create a navigation component from templates provided by Material itself using ‘Angular CLI component schematics’ ng generate @angular/material:nav your-component-name The above command will generate a new component that includes a toolbar with the app name and a responsive side nav based on Material breakpoints. See more about angular material … Read more