SVN Ignore files in Android Studio

I am new to Android Studio too. I tried this method to not use plug-in nor command lines. Only uses Android Studio interface (version 1.5.1).

  • First step, as Kenneth Evans’ good answer says, is declare all
    resources that must be ignored in File > Settings > Version Control >
    Ignored Files. These resources are:
    Mask: *.iws (select Ignore all files matching option to add this pattern)
    Directory: .gradle
    Directory: .idea/libraries/
    Directory: build/
    Directory: app/build/ (this must be for every module your project has)
    Mask: *.iml
    File: .DS_Store
  • Next step is Revert these resources (files and folders) to their
    initial state in repository

I have a project with several modules, each of them with a build folder. If this is your case, can avoid wasting too much time and try one module. Test if this process is successful and apply to all of them.

First you see build folder in green color because it’s attached to svn repository. Right click it and choose Subversion – Revert. This process is unrelevant because all files in this folder will be rebuilt next time you build your project. If you dare, can mark all folders that must be ignored in order to be reverted. Once Revert finishes, folder names are showed in brown color

  • Make a commit of the project – this updates which resources must be
    taken into account when commit is made. It takes a while beacause all
    files that were marked before as included in commit process, now are
    being unmarked. When this long process finishes, shows a dialog where
    all excluded resources are not showed or a message with “No changes”

Now local.propeties file can be right-click and choose Subversion > ignore
Compile your project an try commit – make some change at any source to force compile and build your project.
Finally commit directory from project (right click project and choose Subversion – Commit Directory…). This final step allows test that now, it is really faster because these excluded resources doesn’t appear in commit accept dialog

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