Select rows based on last date

In PostgreSQL, to get unique rows for a defined set of columns, the preferable technique is generally DISTINCT ON:

FROM   "Course"
ORDER  BY "ID", "Course Date" DESC NULLS LAST, "Course Name";

Assuming you actually use those unfortunate upper case identifiers with spaces.

You get exactly one row per ID this way – the one with the latest known "Course Date" and the first "Course Name" (according to sort order) in case of ties on the date.

You can drop NULLS LAST if your column is defined NOT NULL.

To get unique rows per ("ID", "Course Name"):

SELECT DISTINCT ON ("ID", "Course Name") *
FROM   "Course"
ORDER  BY "ID", "Course Name", "Course Date" DESC NULLS LAST;

There are faster query techniques for many rows per group. Further reading:

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