push() a two-dimensional array

You have some errors in your code:

  1. Use myArray[i].push( 0 ); to add a new column. Your code (myArray[i][j].push(0);) would work in a 3-dimensional array as it tries to add another element to an array at position [i][j].
  2. You only expand (col-d)-many columns in all rows, even in those, which haven’t been initialized yet and thus have no entries so far.

One correct, although kind of verbose version, would be the following:

var r = 3; //start from rows 3

var rows = 8;
var cols = 7;

// expand to have the correct amount or rows
for( var i=r; i<rows; i++ ) {
  myArray.push( [] );

// expand all rows to have the correct amount of cols
for (var i = 0; i < rows; i++)
    for (var j =  myArray[i].length; j < cols; j++)

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