Puppeteer: How to handle multiple tabs?

A new patch has been committed two days ago and now you can use browser.pages() to access all Pages in current browser.
Works fine, tried myself yesterday 🙂


An example how to get a JSON value of a new page opened as ‘target: _blank’ link.

const page = await browser.newPage();
await page.goto(url, {waitUntil: 'load'});

// click on a 'target:_blank' link
await page.click(someATag);

// get all the currently open pages as an array
let pages = await browser.pages();

// get the last element of the array (third in my case) and do some 
// hucus-pocus to get it as JSON...
const aHandle = await pages[3].evaluateHandle(() => document.body);

const resultHandle = await pages[3].evaluateHandle(body => 
  body.innerHTML, aHandle);

// get the JSON value of the page.
let jsonValue = await resultHandle.jsonValue();

// ...do something with JSON

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