Jquery – Perform callback after append

jQuery’s .each() takes a callback function and applies it to each element in the jQuery object.

Imagine something like this:

  $(this).closest('li').clone().appendTo('#cart ul').each(function() {
    $(this).find('img').css({'height':'40px', 'width':'40px'});
    $(this).find('li').css({'height':'60px', 'width':'40px'});

You could also just store the result and work on it instead:

  var $new = $(this).closest('li').clone().appendTo('#cart ul')
  $new.find('img').css({'height':'40px', 'width':'40px'});
  $new.find('li').css({'height':'60px', 'width':'40px'});

I would also suggest that instead of mofiying the CSS like that you just add a class to your cloned li like this:

$(this).closest('li').clone().addClass("new-item").appendTo('#cart ul');

Then setup some styles like:

.new-item img, .new-item li { height: 40px; width: 40px; }
.new-item h5 { display: none }

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