Is there a way to globally catch all unhandled errors in a Blazor single page application?

In .NET 6 there is component called ErrorBoundary.

Simple example:


Advanced Example:

    <ErrorContent Context="ex">
          @{ OnError(@ex); } @*calls custom handler*@
          <p>@ex.Message</p> @*prints exeption on page*@

For the global exception handling I see this as an option:
Create CustomErrorBoundary (inherit the ErrorBoundary) and override the OnErrorAsync(Exception exception).

Here is the sample of CustomErrorBoundary.

Useful links

  • Official docs
  • Some info in .NET 6 preview 4 blog post.
  • Tests for ErrorBoundary in dotnet repo (great sample).
  • PR on dotnet repo.
  • Simple usage of ErrorBoundary (youtube)

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