Is an algorithm to judge the age of person in a photo feasible?

Here’s a possible (left-field) solution. Perhaps, you could tie it into some type of a captcha solution for the site itself. Prompt new users with images of other new users with the question: “Is this person over 18?”. It’s true that a 50% success rate is not a very effective captcha system, but it’s a start.

Coupled with some other checks or repetitive checks and it could work. You could display the image to a number of new users, and base the result on a certain threshold. If, 8 out of 10 people flagged a certain image as not a minor, than it’s probably pretty safe they are of age.

But, this whole system can be circumvented by simply uploading someone else’s image so I’m not sure how effective any of this really is. 🙂

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