How to reduce/remove memory leaks in Angular application

  1. Remove bindings to avoid memory leaks, Use Scopes
    $destroy() Method.


    The most likely culprit of memory leak in Angular is JQuery used in
    your directives. If you attach an event-listener in your directive
    using a JQuery plugin, the latter would keep a reference to your DOM
    even after Angular deletes its own reference to the DOM, which means
    it would never be garbage-collected by the browser, which in turn
    means “Detached DOM tree” in your memory

    In your Directive keep practice for unbinding the jQuery Event.
    $destory Method which can be used to clean up DOM bindings before an
    element is removed from the DOM.

     $scope.$on("$destroy",function() {
        $( window ).off( "resize.Viewport" );
  2. Don’t Forget To Cancel $timeout Timers In Your $destroy Events In

    $scope.$on("$destroy",function( event ) {
        $timeout.cancel( timer );

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