How to convert an Image to UIImage?

There is no direct way of converting an Image to UIImage. instead, you should treat the Image as a View, and try to convert that View to a UIImage.
Image conforms to View, so we already have the View we need. now we just need to convert that View to a UIImage.

We need 2 components to achieve this. First, a function to change our Image/View to a UIView, and second one, to change the UIView we created to UIImage.

For more Convenience, both functions are declared as Extensions to their appropriate types.

extension View {
// This function changes our View to UIView, then calls another function
// to convert the newly-made UIView to a UIImage.
    public func asUIImage() -> UIImage {
        let controller = UIHostingController(rootView: self)
 // Set the background to be transparent incase the image is a PNG, WebP or (Static) GIF
        controller.view.backgroundColor = .clear 
        controller.view.frame = CGRect(x: 0, y: CGFloat(Int.max), width: 1, height: 1)!.rootViewController?.view.addSubview(controller.view)
        let size = controller.sizeThatFits(in: UIScreen.main.bounds.size)
        controller.view.bounds = CGRect(origin: .zero, size: size)
// here is the call to the function that converts UIView to UIImage: `.asUIImage()`
        let image = controller.view.asUIImage()
        return image

extension UIView {
// This is the function to convert UIView to UIImage
    public func asUIImage() -> UIImage {
        let renderer = UIGraphicsImageRenderer(bounds: bounds)
        return renderer.image { rendererContext in
            layer.render(in: rendererContext.cgContext)

How To Use?

let image: Image = Image("MyImageName") // Create an Image anyhow you want
let uiImage: UIImage = image.asUIImage() // Works Perfectly


As i said, we are treating the Image, as a View. In the process, we don’t use any specific features of Image, the only thing that is important is that our Image is a View (conforms to View protocol).
This means that with this method, you can not only convert an Image to a UIImage, but also you can convert any View to a UIImage.

var myView: some View {
// create the view here
let uiImage = myView.asUIImage() // Works Perfectly

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