Disable Proximity Sensor during call

After trying a whole bunch of fixes including:

  • Phone app’s menu option (my phone did not have a option to disable)
  • Proximity Screen Off Lite (did not work)
  • Xposed Framework with sensor disabler (works till phone is rebooted
    or app updates)
  • Macrodroid macro (Macrodroid does not run on my phone for some
  • put some tin foil in front of it?(i don’t know what i was thinking)

Here is My fix:
I figured you cannot break it more so I opened up my phone and removed the proximity sensor all together from the motherboard. The sensor tester app now shows “no_value” where it use to give “Distance: 0” and my screen no longer goes black after dialing. Please note I can only confirm this working on a Samsung I8190 Galaxy S III mini with CM MOD 5.1.1. Here is a picture of the device i removed:
prox sensor
I have removed it using a SMD solder station’s heat gun at 400 degrees, some tweezers and flux.But a sharp hobby knife might work too.

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