Atom Editor: RegEx replace to uppercase/lowercase

Note that whilst you said the question is not about the selection, I’m using a more simplified example.

If you have a string consisting of: This is a Mixed case String! I want every Letter to Start with A Capital.

You can use the Regex selector of \b\w to find the first characters of every word in the string. (Done by Cmd + F and clicking .* on the right hand menu for Regex search)

Now press Alt + Enter to select all of the found results, this should highlight all results of the Regex query. Following this, to make every first letter uppercase you can press Cmd + K -> Cmd + U, you can modify them however you want from here.

Boom! The string should now look like: This Is A Mixed Case String! I Want Every Letter To Start With A Capital.

I’ve been looking for an answer for this question for a while, here are my sources for the answer:

  • arturomp’s answer on modifying text (docs included in answer)

  • johno’s answer on how to select all results from a Regex search (Relevant pull request included in answer)

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