Good Haskell source to read and learn from [closed]

What I recommend. Read code by people from different grad schools in the 1990s Oxford style Glasgow style or (this) Chalmers style (or this) York style Portland style or OGI style (or this) Utrecht style Yale style Special case: CMU/Elliott Read code by the old masters certain people (incomplete list) Marlow; Paterson; Peyton Jones; Gill; … Read more

When should the volatile keyword be used in C#?

I don’t think there’s a better person to answer this than Eric Lippert (emphasis in the original): In C#, “volatile” means not only “make sure that the compiler and the jitter do not perform any code reordering or register caching optimizations on this variable”. It also means “tell the processors to do whatever it is … Read more

Use of alloc init instead of new

There are a bunch of reasons here: Some selected ones are: new doesn’t support custom initializers (like initWithString) alloc-init is more explicit than new General opinion seems to be that you should use whatever you’re comfortable with.

Android ListView with different layouts for each row

Since you know how many types of layout you would have – it’s possible to use those methods. getViewTypeCount() – this methods returns information how many types of rows do you have in your list getItemViewType(int position) – returns information which layout type you should use based on position Then you inflate layout only if … Read more

What is a “callable”?

A callable is anything that can be called. The built-in callable (PyCallable_Check in objects.c) checks if the argument is either: an instance of a class with a __call__ method or is of a type that has a non null tp_call (c struct) member which indicates callability otherwise (such as in functions, methods etc.) The method … Read more

How to specify line breaks in a multi-line flexbox layout?

The simplest and most reliable solution is inserting flex items at the right places. If they are wide enough (width: 100%), they will force a line break. .container { background: tomato; display: flex; flex-flow: row wrap; align-content: space-between; justify-content: space-between; } .item { width: 100px; background: gold; height: 100px; border: 1px solid black; font-size: 30px; … Read more